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These prepackaged synthetic oligonucleotide standards eliminate the need to prepare complex mixtures allowing for ease of use and peace of mind when running these applications. The Oligonucleotide Standards were developed to complement the Waters Oligonucletide Column and system solutions, to benchmark system performance and calibration.

MassPREP Oligonucleotide Standard [186004135]

The MassPREP™ Oligonucleotide Separation Technology Standard is designed for verification of HPLC/UPLC® instruments and performance of columns used for analysis of synthetic oligonucleotides, specifically the ACQUITY® and XBridge® BEH 130 and 300 C18 Columns. This qualitative standard should be used on a regular basis for benchmarking column and system performance.

Columns & Vials
  • XBridge Oligonucleotide BEH C18 Column, 130Å, 2.5 µm, 2.1 mm X 50 mm, 1/pk (186003852)
  • ACQUITY UPLC Oligonucleotide BEH C18 Column, 130Å, 1.7 µm, 2.1 mm X 150 mm, 1/pk (186005516)
  • Oasis HLB 96-well µElution Plate, 2 mg Sorbent per Well, 30 µm Particle Size, 1/pk (186001828BA)
  • TruView™ LCMS Certified Vials (186005666CV)

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